SQR Workbench with Interactive Debugger

SqrPlus Workbench

SqrPlus(Sqr comprehensive Workbench) is a productivity tool that provides developers with a user friendly front-end through which they can perform various development activities like editing source file, running SQR program in normal or debug mode, viewing logs, viewing output files etc. all from one point.

Same front-end is used when running sqr program in debug or normal mode under non-windows platforms like Unix.

SqrPlus WorkBench provides following features/functions:

  • Context sensitive on-line help.
  • Configure and hook your preferred development utilities with SqrPlus Workbench. For example, CheckOut/CheckIn of source files from/to Source safe can be performed right from the Workbench.
  • Support of multiple SQRW products.
  • Run Sqr program as Normal.
  • Run Sqr program with Debug. SqrPlus Workbench uses SqrPlus Compiler and SqrPlus Debugger components to achieve this.
  • Facility to connect to the database through centrally controlled connection strings. SQR developers need not know Username/Password for their sqr program to connect to the Database.
  • Maintains list of frequently used databases along with their connection details.
  • Hook your preferred editor with SqrPlus Workbench.
  • View output file (.lis) file created by Sqr program.
  • View log file created by SQRW.
  • Compile Sqr program to check SqrPlus errors. Create Extended(SQE) and Listing(LST) files. Also create sqr program with Call Trace(CTR) facility. SqrPlus Workbench uses SqrPlus Compiler to achieve this.
  • View SqrPlus log and SqrPlus errors.
  • View SQE file.
  • View LST file along with Source Analysis, Procedure Call Tree, Procedure Usage, Variables cross-reference listings.
  • Edit Sqr with your preferred source code editor.
  • Run Sqr program as normal but after checking for SqrPlus errors.
  • Support of MRU (recall sqr program and its settings from Most Recent Used list).
  • Check for PeopleSoft customisations before migrating PeopleSoft Update and Fix.
  • Generate PeopleSoft Data Dictionary.
  • Find PeopleSoft navigation based on process name.
  • Find PeopleSoft navigation based on menu item wild card.
  • Find PeopleSoft navigation based on Component/Panel Group name.
  • Find PeopleSoft navigation based on Page/Panel name.
  • Support of Non-Windows platforms e.g. Unix.

Developing or Debugging SQRs on remote machine requires Remote Server Agent. Remote Server Agent is a middleware communication system between client's PC and Server where SQR programs reside/run.

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