PeopleCode Based Reporting System

PeopleCode based Reporting System Process Flow PsPlus Reporting System: PeopleCode Based Reporting System - A new concept of generating reports in PeopleSoft.
  • No SQR.
  • No Crystal.
  • No RTF File.
  • No XML-Publisher or XDO programming.
  • Just PeopleCode and you have Colourful Crisp Professional PDF Report.

PsPlus Reporting System features:

  • Fast Development.
  • 80% of the code auto-generated.
  • Developer needs to fill-in PeopleCode in the auto-generated template.
  • Developer codes only against Report Events like Report Header/Footer, On-Break Events etc.
  • Reporting System assembles all PeopleCode to produce pdf file.
  • Produce Colourful PDF Report.
  • Optionally produce CSV file with minimum additional effort.
  • Handful of print API's to use.
  • Report can have mix of Page sizes, Font sizes, Fonts and Font Colours.

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PeopleCode based Reporting System API's

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