Application Engine Workbench with Interactive Debugger

AePlus (Application Engine Workbench with Interactive Debugger) is a productivity tool that provides developers with a user friendly front-end through which they can run, test and debug AppEngine programs more efficiently thereby cutting down development effort and time. This results in time saving as well as improved quality outcome.

In addition AePlus offers features that make routine tasks easily manageable.

  • Fast Development: With AePlus you can Run AppEngine as Normal or with Debug without going thru PIA or Application Designer. It allows you to test/debug AppEngine program right from the AePlus Workbench eliminating any need of creating/analysing PeopleSoft trace. It also provides AppEngine source (Sections/Steps/Actions/Sqls/PeopleCode) in text format with formatted Sql text. You can browse/analyse multiple AppEngine source code in your preferred text editor for quick analysis. This makes it a lot easier and quicker as against browsing within Application Designer.

  • Version Control: Version Control is an essential part of any Source Code in any software development environment. With AePlus you can Version Control AppEngine source code using the same Version Control Software that you use for SQRs or COBOLs. Quite often we find an AppEngine failing at run time due to missing Step, Action or Sql. With AePlus this does not happen. AppEngine source code is kept as one unit. Since Source code can be preserved in Version Control software - you always know where the master copy is and never lose your coding effort as a result of database refresh. In addition you can easily compare two versions of AppEngine source code to find out what exactly has changed. Rolling back to previous version is much controlled and quality assured.

  • Data Related Issue: Quite often we get into a situation where an AppEngine works in one database but fails in another. With AePlus such data related issues can be managed easily as you can run your AppEngine in different database (known as Target database) without migrating your AppEngine source in the Target database. This way the same source code runs in the Target database with the Data Set that helps you to identify the cause of the issue. You can run AppEngine as Normal or with Debug to identify the cause quicker than ever before. This does not require migration of AppEngine to Target database that sometimes would not be practical or you would not like to change the source code in the Target database till the issue is fully resolved. Also you need not go thru the time consuming exercise of creating/analysing the trace file.

  • Comprehensive Debugger: Debugging AppEngine is very simple and quick under AePlus. It provides very Comprehensive debug command set as listed below:

    • Set Break, Cancel Break, List/Save/Restore Break points and conditional Breaks (watch at change or value of a variable)
    • Examine, Modify, Watch State Record Field.
    • Examine, Modify, Watch Global variables.
    • Examine, Modify, Watch Global Array variables.
    • Examine, Modify, Watch Global Record/Field variables.
    • Step, Step Into, Step Over and Run to Next Break Point.
    • Commit to verify the results in the database before moving further.

    With AePlus you can set break, change value of the variable or data in the tables just-in-time to simulate various Business Scenarios or test conditions while testing. This helps to produce robust programs with significant savings in developers expensive time.

Running or Debugging AppEngine program thru Process Schedular requires Remote Server Agent. Remote Server Agent is a middleware communication system between client's PC and Server where AppEngine program runs.

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