AePlus Interactive Debugger

AePlus Debugger

AePlus Debugger is an on-line interactive debugger with user-friendly GUI interface. AePlus Debugger is invoked by clicking at 'Run with Debug' command button in AePlus Workbench main screen. After going through the syntax checking and implicit AePlus Compile, developer gets into an interactive session in which, he/she can execute the AppEngine program at his/her own pace using various Debug Commands examining the result of each and every AppEngine Step or PeopleCode line as it executes.

AePlus Debugger has following features:

  • Comprehensive debug command set.
  • Context sensitive on-line help.
  • Break point Commands (Set Break, Cancel Break, List/Save/Restore Break points).
  • Conditional Break point based on value of a variable or change in value of a variable. (watch on variable).
  • Execute Commands (Step, Step Into, Step Over and Go).
  • Variable Manipulation Commands (Examine and Deposit variables).
  • Search facility in Source window. Useful option for setting break points.
  • Option to compile only selected portions of PeopleCode program with debug facility.
  • Option to include referenced AppEngines or PeopleCode for debugging.
  • User-friendly GUI interface.

AePlus Debugger
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